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I had so many ideas for the wedding decor in the venue of our wedding. I had little things saved that I had found on Pinterest and even had plans of making some things myself. So much time goes into planning every single detail for your big day and you just want it to be perfect. However, it is all so time consuming. When I met with Margaret from Inish Style and Bow, I knew there was no way I was going to take on decorating the room myself (or even making things and leaving them down to be organised on the tables etc.).

Some of the beautiful centrepieces Inish Style and Bow have to offer

Margaret is a very enthusiastic and organised lady and even listening to how she arranges the room before the wedding, I knew it was a bigger job than I was prepared to do! We discussed what kind of numbers we were looking at, and she booked in my date. She showed me the different chair covers she had to offer and advised me which would be best for the look I was going for and the size of the wedding. She showed me the colours for the bows to tie on the chairs and we compared them with the swatches of fabric for our bridal party. 

Some of Margaret's beautiful work
Some of Margaret’s beautiful work

I originally had just met with Margaret to book chair covers and the fairylight backdrops as her prices were so competitive and I had heard great things about her service. When I met her, I was surprised to see how much she had to offer and that she had such a variety of decor – something to suit any style of wedding or event!

I ended up booking my chair covers with sashes, centrepieces, fairylight backdrop and skirt for the top table, fairylight skirt for the cake table and fairylight curtains for the entrance to the room. We also booked the little green post box which she inserts Mr & Mrs with your new surname along with your wedding date. This was by far the best thing that we got and I would advise any bride planning their big day to get one. It took all the stress off the bridal party by not getting handed wedding cards and worrying about where to put them. Our guests simply ‘posted’ them into the box which is secure and locked and no one had the hassle of carrying around cards! That night we left the cards with reception in the safe and collected them next morning. She does have a simple white one for anyone who doesn’t like the ‘An Post’ style one but I thought it stood out! 

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 11.19.32
Our personalised post box

Our centrepieces were very simple, with having a big wedding for the size of room, I didn’t want too much on the tables. I opted for one of Margaret’s little fairy light trees on every second table and just a single Lily in a long vase on the ones in between. We had a large candelabra at each end of the top table.


Margaret also rents out the large LOVE letters that are so popular now and even a Candy Cart! So you can book everything for your room all from the one vendor! Which makes things so much easier when you are approaching the big day and trying to arrange payments with everyone who is supplying a service to you!

LOVE letters
LOVE letters
Candy Cart
Candy Cart

Margaret is very professional in what she does and really does take the stress out of everything. She is genuinely interested in your big day and shares the excitement of it all! You can find her page Inish Style and Bow through this link on Facebook where she has lots of beautiful photos of what she has to offer:

or at her website:

and finally, you can contact her to book or arrange a meeting by phone or email :

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Happy Planning to all you Brides-to-be!






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