Pregnancy Update – 32 weeks 👶🏼

The weeks are still just flying by! 32 weeks now and getting bigger by the second! Since I have last done a pregnancy post, I have had my gestational diabetes test (which was clear thank God!) and have been to the Anaesthesia Assessment Clinic at the hospital. I had a complicated birth last time and ended up having an Emergency Ceasarean, so I was hoping I’d know a bit more about the ‘Plan of Action’ this time round, but not yet! As I’ve previously had a fractured pelvis and L5 vertebrae there have been a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ in the past.. I haven’t seen my consultant as of yet so hopefully at my next scan (in two weeks) he can shed some light! As for cravings.. fried onions and Doherty’s mince are having a serious moment! I literally could eat 1/2 whole fried onions to myself! 🙈 Oh and of course no pregnancy would be complete without a hormonal decision to change my hair! Already planning the next change! 

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I’m still doing great and other than my growing and jumping belly I wouldn’t even know I am pregnant. I have started back at exercise about 2 months ago (Zumba) and I’m loving being back! It’s just nice to get out of the house an evening and I have so much energy after it! Not to mention, Baby G seems to be quite the mover 😂so he/she seems to be enjoying it just as much! I actually think I’ll be taking a Zumba playlist in to listen to in hospital rather than a relaxation cd!! I know there is a lot of mixed opinions about exercising in pregnancy but every person is different and as long as you are feeling fit and the doctor gives the go ahead I think it’s great. Obviously you aren’t doing it to loose weight or stay in shape though! Speaking of weight.. I have officially gained a stone and a half to date! I’m not at all worried about it and have been enjoying satisfying all my chocolate and takeaway cravings. I know so many women that are too ill in pregnancy to indulge so I’m counting myself lucky.

Zumba ready @ 25 weeks
Zumba ready @ 25 weeks

Lilly Rose is amazed now that she can see and feel the baby move, even have hiccups. It’s making it all very real for her I think. She also comments A LOT on the baby getting so big now (in other words my belly!). She tells anyone that will listen that she is getting a new baby ( she still insists it will be a boy though!) It has been lovely letting her be a part of it all, listening to the baby’s heartbeat etc. Sometimes she will just cuddle up to me on the sofa and start rubbing my tummy, it truly melts my heart. 



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