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The team of Spa Therapists at the Villa Rose are fully certified in pre-natal spa treatments including maternity massage and maternity reflexology.  They have a range of packages to suit whatever stage of pregnancy you are at (over 14 weeks), and suit your budget as they range in price from €40 up to €110.  It is recommended that pregnant women do not use the Thermal Suite however, due to high temperatures and jets which may increase blood pressure.


The name of the package that I had was “Bundle of Joy”. This lasted for 2 hours in total. It included a Hydracure Facial, a Deep Scalp Massage and a Full Body Maternity Massage. Emma was the therapist I had, she was very friendly and professional. 


The Full Body Maternity Massage focused deeply on the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. Maternity Massage alleviates the aches and pains you feel associated with pregnancy.  It helps to relieve fluid and detoxifies as well as leaving you feeling pampered and relaxed. I wondered how I was going to have a massage like this without lying on my tummy. When I went in, Emma explained I would spend half of the time on my left side and half of the time on my right. To make this so comfortable, she got me to lie on my side and placed a pillow under my feet, one between my legs and another to ‘hug’. I swear I could have fell asleep! I was so cosy in under the blankets as she worked on my upper half first then moved on to my lower half. The massage finished on my back at my neck and shoulders.. ready for my facial.

The Hydracure Facial was perfect for me as it is an intense rehydration facial for dry and dehydrated skin. It lasts for 55mins and I was so relaxed throughout. They use the most beautiful essential oil that is safe for use in pregnancy. The part of the facial that really stood out for me was the exfoliating scrub. It was cooling and felt like it cleared your airways. I later asked about the scrub and purchased it for €25 from the spa. It is a menthol scrub by Germaine-de-Capuccini and feels so refreshing on the skin. The final step was the Hydracure Mask which again was lovely and cooling. My skin was glowing after and felt so so soft.

Once the treatment was over, I was led to the Relaxation Room for a lemon sorbet.


I also got to pay a trip to the V- Spa’s hair and make-up boutique as these were added to my treatment. I opted for a wash and blow dry as  that was perfect after the Scalp Massage.

It truly was such a relaxing and stress relieving start to a Sunday. I would strongly recommend the Villa rose for spa treatments of any kind but in particular these packages for mummys-to-be! These make a perfect gift for someone in your life that is pregnant and they even have lovely little treatments for a gift once the baby has arrived!


I definitely intend to return and try out another package, I would love to try the maternity reflexology. The maternity reflexology concentrates on different areas depending on your stage of your pregnancy.  Reflexology is recommended during pregnancy for conditions such as: heartburn, back pain, constipation, leg cramps & restless legs, insomnia, morning sickness, anxiety, pelvic pain, anaemia, fatigue, sciatica and cystitis. I have been visiting the chiropractor due to sciatica and pelvic pain so I would love to give this a go to see if I feel relief!

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