Pancake Tuesday Cheats!

So tomorrow is Pancake Tuesday!

I thought I’d share with you some cheats for making pancakes at home!

Ready made pancakes from Aldi
Ready made pancakes from Aldi

For anyone who doesn’t want all the mess but still wants to cook homemade crepes/ pancakes, I would really suggest buying the pancake mixes that are readily available in most supermarkets or stores at the minute. You can get them so cheap (much cheaper than you would buy the ingredients)! The ones in the bottles are the most convenient as you don’t need any bowls, cutlery or utensils!

Pancake mix from Lidl
Pancake mix from Lidl

It really couldn’t be easier – you literally add milk into the container, shake it and pour it onto your pan! No mess, no ingredients, no washing up! And you know that the batter will be perfect as long as you add the right amount of milk and shake it well! Also great if you are only making one or two as you can put on the lid and use it up later! Here is one I have found in Lidl for only 79c! its 200g so it should make around 6-8 crepe style pancakes.

For anyone who really just wants a quick fix and isn’t bothered about actually cooking the pancakes..

You can buy ready cooked ones in Aldi that you can just heat up – either on a pan or in the microwave.

Aldi's Sweet Ready Made Pancakes
Aldi’s Sweet Ready Made Pancakes

They are amazing! We use them every now and again for Sunday breakfasts and they are delicious, not to mention so handy! (I always do mine on the pan so I cant tell you what they are like done in the microwave.) They are a bargain at €1.79 for a pack of 8. You wont find these with all the pancake bits and pieces in Aldi at the minute – they are actually kept in the fridge! So there should still be plenty left (in my local Aldi they are stacked between the orange juices and milk with all the margarine etc.). Just open the packet stick on the pan for about a minute either side and voila! They are slightly sweetened too so you don’t need to add sugar (we still do). Serve with some fresh fruit / honey / chocolate spread and your done – no fuss!



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