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We were very kindly sent some Organix food products to try. For anyone who hasn’t heard of the Organix brand, they are a children’s food brand that have products that separate into age categories from the earliest weaning age (4 months+), to toddlers, and finally for kids. They are well known for their ‘No Junk Promise’. They promise to use only organic ingredients in their food , have nothing unnecessary that doesn’t serve a purpose and they are setting standards in the food industry by campaigning for the food industry to remove the ‘junk’ from all children’s food.

The first item we tried was the Organix Baby Rice. This is a perfect first food to introduce to babies as the taste is simple and you can mix it with their usual milk and it will taste familiar to them. It has a light and fluffy texture which makes it easy for babies to take from a spoon and you can make it to what every consistency you like by adding more rice to make it thicker or milk to make it smoother. Dáithí had already started exploring different tastes when we received this so we mixed it with some homemade veggie/fruit purees and it went down a treat! You could also add mashed fruit or yogurt adding new tastes and textures for babies breakfast. It is suitable for 6+ months.

After this we began using Banana and Plum Porridge. This is stage two and suitable from 7+ months. It is ideal when your baby is ready to try new textures as there are small crispy pieces and tiny pieces of plum for them to explore. You can still mix this with your babies own milk and add as much or as little as you like to get it to the right consistency. As your baby progresses you can add more textures by including bits of fruit if you wish. I found this really got Dáithí starting to chew as he found the change in texture. This is a firm favourite for breakfast with Dáithí even now!

Lilly Rose was delighted to find something in the box that was suitable for her – Cocoa and Orange Crispy Bars! These little cereal bars contain a blend of raisins, puffed rice, cocoa & orange oil. They are suitable from 12+ months but I found them perfect for a hungry 4 year old that is always looking to snack! She loved testing them out and they were so handy to pop in my bag for a ‘treat’ when we were out and about! When Dáithí is the right age we will definitely be letting him try them out too! The crispy bars also come in a berry flavour. The cocoa in these gave them a chocolatey taste and with the orange combination it just made me  think of Terry’s Chocolate Orange! The best part of course is that Lilly Rose saw them as a treat and not a healthy snack! I have since seen cereal bars by Organix called “Punk’d” aimed at older kids so we will definitely be giving them a go!


The Organix Apple Rice Cakes are great little finger food snack for little fingers. They’re firm enough to hold, but gentle on delicate gums. Suitable from 7+ months, they are great for when your baby is learning to feed themselves and will help them develop good hand eye co-ordination as they play and nibble away. Dáithí loved moving them from hand to hand and being able to independently feed himself! They aren’t as messy as little crisp snacks and last a lot longer! They come in 3 other fruit flavours and 1 veg flavour (carrot and tomato). Another great snack for popping in the nappy bag and giving him while we are out and about or in the buggy. Lilly Rose had her go with these too and loved them! You know what they say.. an apple a day!

The final thing we have tried from Organix was their Baby Banana Biscuits. These little biscuits are in a ring shape with a hole in the middle, making it very easy for tiny hands to hold.  They aren’t as messy as some of the other baby biscuits on the market (trust a mum to notice that!) but I still wouldn’t  see them as an ‘on the go’ snack. They are perfect for a little snack between meals, along with some fruit. Or, what we found them good for was when Dáithí was cutting teeth. He loves to bite and chew on the biscuit – almost using it as a teether! Now that he has teeth, he can nibble little bits off and they chew and melt away in his mouth. These come in 3 other yummy flavours and are suitable from 7+ months.

We were delighted to be sent some Organix products to try and from using the products and studying the very clean and short ingredient lists I can safely say Organix have done a fantastic job! They truly have produced these foods with little ones in mind.. across all the different age groups. It has definitely got a thumbs up from my two little ones (and me!!).




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