O! Wow Brush

I can see why the O! Wow Brush got it’s name.. it’s unbelievable.

I have to say the minute I used this brush for my foundation, I fell in love with it. The product glided on so easily and I even used less than I usually would. The pointed tip of the brush was great for getting product up under the eye area and along the hairline (without getting any on your hair!). The brush hairs are really dense but they are so soft and feathery, they really buff the product onto the skin and leave a flawless smooth finish.

The best thing about this brush is how versatile it is! At the start ( about 4 months ago ) when I first got it, I only used it for my foundation.. but now I use it for so much more! I absolutely love it for concealing and highlighting under the eye area and for cream contouring cheekbones and forehead! In my opinion it is much better than a concealer or contour brush! It can be used with foundation, BB cream, powder, moisturiser, primer, blush and bronzer.

Caitlin O! Wow Brush
Cailyn O! Wow Brush

I will admit the brush looks a bit odd, but it is designed in such a way that it is sturdy, self-standing and it does give an flawless airbrush finish. It also comes with a slip off cap, helping to keep out dirt and germs from the bristles. Perfect for anyone who, like myself, is guilty of carrying their foundation brush around in their make up bag (for any last minute makeovers)!

I got this brush at the start of January and I honestly have used it for every single make up application since!! I don’t know what I would do without it now!! I have also invested in the MAC Oval 3 brush for the finer lines of contouring which is perfect for that job!

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I got mine for €30 through the Cailyn website at :


but I have noticed some local pharmacies now stock the Cailyn O! Wow brushes and even have their own Cailyn counter!


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