NKD SKN – Vita Liberata

So, I was doing a bit of weekend prep and thought I’d share this little bargain with you all!

My tan – NKD SKN by Vita Liberata.

NKD SKN - Vita Liberata
NKD SKN – Vita Liberata

I came across this tan about 2 years ago – when I was hunting for a new tan for a best friend’s wedding! I saw it in Superdrug and it was under £10 so I figured I’d give it a go!

I should start by saying I am so pale that tan barely even takes to my skin ( even some spray tans have literally all washed off! ) . I tried this and fell in love with it straight away! It took to my skin so well and didn’t all go down the drain in the morning!!

One coat of NKD SKN
One coat of NKD SKN

I personally use the tinted tan liquid but only because that’s what I like and I am used to. They also have the same tan in mousse for those of you that prefer that!  It comes in medium and dark in both liquid or mousse ( I use dark ).

It’s one of those tans that you can’t go wrong with – it never streaks. I’d suggest leaving it on overnight and wearing some cosy pyjamas ( I do believe the more heat, the better your tan develops! ). Next morning have a light shower- no scrubbing or exfoliating! I like to put on a bit of lotion but you don’t have to!

It definitely is best left on overnight, but if I need to, I still stick it on the same day that I am going out! It’s really fast drying and because it’s tinted it gives you a lovely colour right away! It doesn’t have much of a smell ( definitely not a ‘tan smell’ ) so it’s okay to wear without showering it off for last minute plans! It wears off very well and naturally fades.. no grubby tan clinging to certain areas, it fades evenly.

I have never tried the other Vita Liberata tans but I don’t need to – this one is great and a fraction of the price of the others! 👌🏼

I buy mines off cloud 10 now and it is €11.95


Happy Tanning!


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