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Mustela is a skincare range for infants, babies, children, as well as new and expecting mothers. It is a French skincare range that is new to the Irish market and I haven’t heard of it until now. I was lucky to be sent a few of the products to try by Mustela through eumom! Here is a little review of the ones I received.


All of Mustela’s baby products are guaranteed safety from birth on and have been tested under dermatological and pediatric control. They are hypoallergenic which means they are formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions. They are also paraben, phthalate and phenoxyethanol free.

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The Gentle Cleansing Gel comes in a pump-dispenser bottle. It is a foaming gel for washing both baby’s body and hair and is ideal for daily use. I actually found it great for washing baby’s hair as it lathers very easily and smells great. Dáithí had a very dry scalp since he was born and I found this alone helped it. It is very delicate and isn’t drying on the skin like some cleansing products. The bottle I have is 500ml but it also comes in a 750ml bottle with a pump dispenser and smaller bottles of 200ml, 100ml, 50ml with a flip-top cap. It contains Avocado Perseose which naturally moisturises and protects the skin barrier. it also contains Vitamin B5 which is soothing on the skin.

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Mustela’s Baby Oil is by far my favourite of the products to use. It comes in a 100ml spray bottle which is ideal for an oil – no mess! Other brands have the oils in a bottle with a flip-up cap which can be so messy – oil runs down the sides etc. The spray bottle also makes it easier to control how much you use. As I mentioned, Dáithí had very dry skin from birth, particularly on his legs and feet. As the days went on the skin became drier and flaky. I have been using this oil along with the baby cleansing gel  now for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say his skin is so soft and moisturised. As well as the benefit to his skin, it is now a lovely little ritual after bath time. I warm the oil between my hands and give Dáithí a gentle massage all over with it. It calms him down after the bath and gets him ready for bed. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue. It contains Avocado Oil which helps restore and protect the skin’s natural protective barrier and pomegranate seed oil, and sunflower oil to moisturise. 99% of ingredients are of a natural origin!

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The 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream is complete skincare for the nappy area. It claims to: 

PREVENT irritations and redness at each change; RELIEVE from the 1st application; and REPAIR continually. It’s ingredients are 98% of natural origin, are fragrance-free and do not contain preservatives. Dáithí has’t had a nappy rash yet so I can’t comment on whether it clears up a rash but with his dry skin, I found the little folds at the top of his legs would be very dry and this helped to moisturise.  Mustela claims it has been specially formulated to tackle the factors that trigger irritations and redness at their source, so I will continue using this to prevent any rashes/sore bums in the future! The first thing I noticed about this compared to other nappy creams is it doesn’t sit on the surface of the skin and it is easily washed/wiped off at the next nappy change. Although it isn’t ‘sitting’ on the skin, you are can still see it lasts from one nappy change to the next. It feels very soft and again, has a lovely scent. The tube that I have is 50ml which is great to slip into your nappy bag but it is also available in 100 mL or 150 mL tubes.

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 The first maternity product I received was the Stretch Marks Prevention Oil. Like the Baby Oil, it comes in a spray bottle which makes it easy to apply. The oil is used to improve skin elasticity and softness and contribute to preventing the appearance of stretch marks. (Unfortunately for me the stretch marks are already there! 🙈) Nonetheless, I still tried it. Even if it is too late to prevent the stretch marks, the smell of the oil is beautiful. I’m guessing its due to some of the rich oils in it (pomegranate, avocado, musk rose and baobab). Applying this after a shower certainly does feel like a pamper.. especially when showers are now under 5 minutes long, spent imagining hearing a baby cry only to nearly kill yourself rushing to the room.. where the baby is still fast asleep!  After reading about the maternity product, I see that it is recommended to continue using this skin care until three months after you have given birth. So, maybe it’s not too late!

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Another maternity product is the Light Legs Gel which comes in a 125ml tube. It is specially formulated for the feeling of tired legs during pregnancy. Again, I am no longer pregnant but still tried it out (new mammies have tired legs too! 😂) The menthol extract is very cooling and refreshing on the legs. Mustela suggests you massage it from the soles of the feet up to the tops of the thighs. This is to stimulate blood circulation (which would do no harm after birth anyways and especially after a c-section like me!). Speaking of c-sections, I appreciated this most after getting those dreaded TED stockings off (which are so tight and hot on the legs). This gel just soothed and cooled my legs right down. I even kept it in the fridge like you do with Aloe Vera gel – BLISS. 

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 Mustela have a range of products for both babies and mums/mums-to-be. They have everything covered, from bath time, nappy changing, sun protection, even fragrance for baby! They also have specific products to help repair skin and rapidly soothe your baby’s skin irritations from insect bites, chickenpox, scabs, etc. to fade away skin blemishes and restore comfort and softness. Why not check out Mustela’s whole range at:


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