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Well for a change in Ireland, the past week has been so sunny and warm! For us mammies that only means one thing – outdoors, outdoors, outdoors! Our little ones love getting to run about outside, the only problem can be sometimes keeping them entertained without taking half of the toys out with them! So although the rain has arrived,  Matalan have us sorted for when the sun is back out.. 

They have a whole range of outdoor games and activities that are compact and perfect for playing with around the house, taking to the park or bringing to their friend’s house! Some of these are the usual great outdoor games we all grew up loving – hula hoops, skittles, kites, frisbees or velcro catch.

But some of these are a little more adventurous and exciting! My favourite has to be their ‘Bug Keeper’ at £5. This has not only provided hours of fun (in the garden, out for a walk, at the park) but is providing DAYS of fun! It has a secure lid and handle so your little one can carry around their little mini beast and a magnified top so they can look at them that little bit closer! It has tiny little air holes too so it is a lot kinder than capturing bugs in jam jars like we used to! Anyone following my instagram at will have seen our latest pet that we found was a tiny lizard! Or on snapchat – a busy bumblebee! We have got so used to exploring now that Lilly Rose can’t help spotting bugs and beetles everywhere! And the best bit is, it is with squeals of excitement and not fear! 

Bug Keeper £5
Bug Keeper, Matalan, £5




Another one of my new favourite buys from Matalan is the giant playground chalks which come in a pack of 4 for £3. These are perfect for drawing on pavement or tarmac and are less messy as they have a little paper around them like crayons do. Depending on the age of your child/children, they can be used for drawing games like hopscotch or x’s and o’s or simply for drawing pretty colourful pictures. Children love to express themselves through art and play, and this way they are not confined to a sheet or copybook! And once a little shower of rain comes you are left with a blank canvas once again! 

Playground Chalks, Catalan, £3
Playground Chalks, Matalan, £3


I also saw this cute little wooden Flower Press – which is something I never even knew existed! But I do remember as a child trying to save a special flower in tissue and inside a giant book! It did work, but it took days to dry out and there wasn’t much fun in the process. I think older children would enjoy this idea of finding a beautiful flower and using a little gadget to preserve it. Especially children who like keeping a diary or scrapbook of their adventures.. they can press the flower and then stick it in to remind them of a special day visiting somewhere new! 

Wooden Flower Press, Matalan, £5
Wooden Flower Press, Matalan, £5


And for anyone with green fingers, there are lots of little bits and pieces to let your ‘mini you’ join in on the fun!  Matalan have lots of sets to encourage the little ones to take an interest in the garden! From wild strawberry seeds, grow your own sunflower kits, and beautiful little welly planters to these cute little gardening tools.

Gardening Tools, Matalan, £5
Gardening Tools, Matalan, £5

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