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I should start by saying, I hadn’t let anyone near my brows for 6 years – I literally trusted no-one with them! I just maintained them myself and always filled them in ( as they are quite fair ).

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Then I found Janette! I have been getting my brows done with Janette now for almost a year! The first time I went, I was so nervous that my eyebrows would end up thinner – but she will not take away one more hair than she needs to! Janette is a fully trained HD Brow Pro Stylist who is based in Buncrana, Co. Donegal. She trained with Nilam Patel’s Team in Milton Keynes and is also a fully qualified Beauty Therapist specialising in Threading and Tanning. She is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to brow shaping! She has such a energetic and bubbly personality that I honestly feel like I’m just going in for a wee catch up and a bit of a laugh! I couldn’t recommend this woman enough!

So what does it involve? HD Brow treatments involve a combination of steps and techniques like tinting, waxing and threading.

At your first visit, your brows are measured and marked so that the stylist can see where the natural arch should be and what length your brows should be. Once a shape of brow has been determined they will begin shaping and tinting the brows.

The tinting makes a massive difference to the brows, especially if you have naturally fair hair. All the light hairs that usually aren’t noticed or of any real benefit to your brows are dyed and this makes your brows much fuller and more defined! For someone like me – who fills in my brows every single day, this makes life so much easier. Once my brows have been tinted I don’t need to use any products at all until they start to fade ( although depending on my makeup look, I might still add to or accentuate them ).

Here are my before and after pictures from my last treatment:

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.20.42 p.m.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.21.04 p.m.

In regards to how long HD Brows will last, it’s a bit like asking how often do you need to get your roots done at the hairdressers.. everyone is different. It depends on how well your hair holds colour, how fast your hair grows and what products you use on your face. They usually last me around 4 – 6 weeks and to keep them from fading sooner I’d suggest not using too harsh of a makeup remover on the brow area.

If you have over plucked brows, it is still possible to get the perfect shape and work towards thickening your brows.. it just might take a little bit longer. Stop tweezing right away and book an appointment. Your stylist will be able to advise you on what to do to get you the brows that you want. Regrowth is key though, so avoid tweezing in between appointments! I know that this is difficult but it really is worth it if you are trying to get enough regrowth for the perfect brow!

Anyone who is considering it – honestly just do it! I’m glad that the few of you who were enquiring about my brows and got it done with Janette were delighted with the results! She did an excellent job! 👌🏼

Check out her Facebook page at:


She has lots of before and after pictures up, so you can browse through and see for yourself how talented this lovely lady is! And if you have any questions pop her a wee private mail and she will be sure to get back to you! Or, if there is anything I can help with you can reach me on my Facebook page or email jackie@beautyandthebrows.ie.


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