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So over 5 weeks ago, I had eyelash extensions done at Beautiful Lashes by Úna. I haven’t had semi-permanent lashes done in years and the last time I had them I was left almost bald (they pulled out my own lashes). SO, even though I was excited to try them, I was also a bit apprehensive. I was heading on holidays the next week and I just didn’t want to be putting on eye makeup every day and thought I’d give it a go!

The first thing I must say is Úna is so professional, she got me in 24 hours before for a patch test and a chat. The minute I met her I relaxed. She answered any questions I had and talked me through the procedure. 

The next day, I returned makeup free and ready to get my lashes. I had decided on a Full Set of mink lash extensions. Úna advised me on what length would look good and suit best according to my own natural lashes. Mine are in black but they do come in a range of colours! 

She applied the eyelash extensions one-by-one onto single individual lashes (one per lash). The treatment was done with great precision and took just less than 2 hours. I treated this as time for me to relax and have a chit chat and couldn’t believe how quickly the time went in!

When Úna revealed the lashes to me I couldn’t believe the difference! They were perfect – exactly what I was looking for! I wanted to look like I was wearing mascara and I did! 

What I learned is that extensions shed with your own natural eyelashes (yes your eyelashes shed) and there are always new lashes growing and old ones falling outI have included some pictures to show you how my lash extensions lasted until now.  I couldn’t believe how well they stayed but I did take all of Úna’s advice on board! 

For a full set of Mink Lashes like mine costs €60. She also does a half set (€35) or a 3/4 set (€45). Lashes can be expected to last 2-4 weeks if you care for them properly. Úna also does refills if you come back at 2 weeks for € 25. I was so tempted to get mine refilled but I wanted to see how long and well they would last so I could give an honest review! (I will definitely get refilled next time!)

Considering I was on holidays for the first two weeks and in and out of pools, hot tubs etc. I never expected for them to last this long!There are gaps but they shaded pretty evenly so I got away with just letting them fall out themselves. And I’m delighted to see through the gaps all my own lashes look as good as they usually do underneath! No gaps in my naturally lashes at all! 

Best tips to look after your lash extensions and keep them looking fab:

  • Keep them out of water and avoid getting them wet for 24hrs after application (so avoid showering).
  • Brush them everyday (with a spoolie)! This is definitely a must!
  • Don’t use any oil based products around the eye area (this includes a lot of mascaras/eyeliners etc.)
  • Invest in a good eye make up remover oil free – Úna recommends this Simple eye make-up remover.

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