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Since I have last posted, our little family has been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Meet Dáithí Colm Grant, born on the 9th of January at 2.12pm, he was just perfect – all 8lb 14oz of him! I can’t believe he is a month old already! Time is going even quicker now there are two wee ones to spend my time loving. I delivered by Elective Ceasarean this time round.. which I would like to say went according to plan. Most people boast that the biggest pro of having a planned section is KNOWING your date.. the day your baby will be born. HOWEVER.. this was not the case for me! My ‘date’ was the 6th of January, I went into hospital the night before, got admitted, bloods done, signed consent forms etc. The next morning we were up by 7am.. showered and ready to be taken at any time from 8 am to theatre. So Kevin was up by 8 and we sat about all morning and afternoon waiting on the call. Another planned section went up to theatre at around 3pm and I was expected to be next. The midwives got me ready, into my gown, stuff all packed, baby clothes out to take with us to theatre. At 4.15 I thought they had arrived to take me up, instead they told us I wasn’t going to be done. My heart sank.. then I found out I would’t be done the next day either as it was the weekend. So I was sent home, to return on Sunday and deliver on Monday the 9th. To say I was disheartened would be putting it mildly. My main concern or worry was that I would go into labour over the weekend and end up another stressful emergency section. (And this wasn’t the most unlikely thing to happen as Monday was 1 single day before my due date!) Thankfully, I got through the weekend and had a lovely last Sunday as a family of three before going into hospital. All day Monday we sat about waiting and praying we would’t be told it was put off again. Thankfully, we weren’t. 


As soon as the midwife came to get me, everything happened very fast. It was all so surreal – stepping into a lift to go to theatre to have my baby.. no pains.. no signs that the baby was coming. I was probably more worried than I was the last time and more aware of all the things to worry about. Once we stepped into theatre it all got very real – monitors, lights, a million doctors in scrubs.. very clinical. Every one of the staff were so friendly though and took the time to make it feel as normal as possible. Once all the prep was done and things were ready they took Kevin into the theatre and he sat beside me and held my hand, waiting hard to hear our baby’s first cry.


Once Dáithí was delivered, we had our time with him and the nurse snapped away at pictures. Before we even got to see him Kevin said he sounded like a boy. The second I saw him the tears started. Even as a baby only seconds old it was clear to see he was the image of his daddy! Kevin went to recovery with the baby and the midwife to wait for me. I joined them shortly after and straight away got to hold Dáithí and do skin-to-skin. This was so important to me after last time. (The last time I spent two hours in recovery alone and still hadn’t even held Lilly Rose, Kevin was downstairs alone with her). We just lay there under the blankets doing skin-to-skin for about an hour and a half and no one came bothering us other than to check my monitor. I just took in every second of my newborn. It’s amazing to see nature take over and the baby naturally look for the mother’s breast.. all the things I missed last time. He contently fed with no fuss and the time just passed by. We stayed skin-to-skin for another few hours back on the ward and then got ready before visitors would arrive. 

We got home from hospital on Lilly Rose’s birthday- what a birthday present! I must say, she is being the best big sister and just dotes on Dáithí. She has been the best of help and has been kept busy with wee jobs like getting nappies, wipes or whatever for the baby. She even lends a hand bathing the baby! She never made any fuss since Dáithí has arrived and just took it all in her stride.  I am so proud seeing her take on her new role.. even though it makes me feel like she is suddenly so grown up! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 22.40.08

I will be sure to keep updating my new journey as a mammy of two. I couldn’t be happier 💙💖.


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