B Perfect 10 Second Tan

I  was delighted to receive a bottle of the BPerfect 10 Second Tan and the velvet mitt to try. It is a liquid non-streak formula that comes in a 200ml spray bottle. It comes in two shades, Medium Coconut and Dark Watermelon. I have tried the Dark Watermelon as I’m always chasing after a dark tan but I can never get it! (Even for my wedding spray tan, I had to get the same tan as the bridesmaids in extra dark and applied in a few layers, just to be the same colour as them!). My skin just doesn’t seem to take to tan very well, particularly my legs and chest. So I’m always eager to try new tans to see if they work any better!

The 10 second tan claims that it is works with your skin’s natural tones to create the perfect colour for you and is dry in 10 seconds. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? But it’s not! It literally dried instantly after I applied it! The colour was amazing even after just being applied I could have went straight on out! And it developed more as the day went on! It looked as dark as a salon spray tan but no sticky residue. I got dressed soon after applying and there wasn’t a trace of it on my clothes and no marks on my tan where clothes had rubbed! The best bit – NO horrid ‘tan smell’ ! Even my husband said so (and more than anything men hate the smell of tan)! I usually can’t apply tan until night because of the smell and fear of marking it. So this was a huge bonus for me!

10 seconds after applying! NO filter!

Applying the tan was so easy, just a few sprays onto their velvet tanning mitt and rub it in, in circular motions. As it’s a tinted liquid you can see what you have applied so it’s easy to see if you have missed anywhere! As I said, once it was applied there was no residue or streaks so this would be perfect as a last minute instant tan aswell!

I applied it straight after showering and had nothing else on my skin. Next morning I showered as usual and it barely even faded. It looked just as good after a shower as it had developed more over night! I continued my normal skin routine (although when wearing tan I always wear a very basic body lotion – the more liquid the better – and apply this all over, every second day. I find it gives the tan a boost and helps keep it fresh and make it last. 

Day 3 of wearing the tan – NO filter!

It wears off very gradually and naturally! You don’t feel the need to scrub it all off mid week! I’d say it lasted me about 5 days before it started to fade and then I applied another light layer- and it looked great again! I like my tan good and dark (especially for nights out) so I applied two layers to begin with.

Day 5 – wearing off gradually and evenly! No filter!

I did use the tan mid holiday (between my factor 50 regime!) and just applied one light layer and it looked so natural and a week later it is wearing off great!! It even stayed great with all the suncream and dipping in and out of pools!

A definite 10/10 for this tan! I will definitely be rebuying. Remember, if you don’t like your tan too dark – there is a medium shade! 

Buy your B Perfect 10 Second Tan here ! Or check the stockists, it is in lots of pharmacies nationwide!

Happy tanning!

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  1. Wow that’s amazing! I’m definitely gonna try this! Hate waiting for tan to dry…. And the smell from most … 😝 Thanks for the truthful info as always xx

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