Dáithí’s first Dental Check and Bickiepegs review

We were only too delighted when we were approached to help support the #DCby1 campaign. #DCby1 stands for Dental Check by One – and is the campaign launched by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) explaining that ALL babies should go to the dentist for the first time before the age of one.

By encouraging parents to take their child to the dentist before their first birthday it is giving them the best opportunity to start a life of positive dental care. It is also an important time for parents to get advice on how to keep their child’s teeth healthy and strong.

It is too often assumed that children don’t need to see a dentist until they are at school.. but in many cases this is too late. Another common misconception is that the milk teeth do not matter. This idea is based on the fact that they will lose them anyway and it is the permanent adult teeth that need to be looked after. What people don’t realise is that the health of the milk teeth actually has a huge impact on the permanent teeth. Even though you only see the milk teeth at first, those adult teeth are already sitting in the gums waiting. Therefore, well looked after gums and milk teeth will result in healthier adult teeth.

We took Dáithí to the dentist when he was 11 months old supporting the #DCby1 campaign. We took him to a local dentist, Carn Dental, who were only too happy to have a look at his brand new pearly whites. Our whole experience was lovely and Dáithí loved the attention.. while sitting on Daddy’s knee. I posted about it on Instagram and Facebook at the time and I got so many messages from mums saying they had the exact opposite experience when they brought their child for the first time (and all these mum’s blamed not taking them earlier). The dentist had a little look and feel of his mouth and gave us some advice on brushing. It was very simple and only took a few minutes but that is the start of his dental care. 

Cleaning your babies gums and teeth can start at any age. When Dáithí had no baby teeth or was cutting his first, I used to use a flannel or muslin cloth to gently wipe and massage the gums. He loved the sensation and it helped a lot when he was cutting teeth. I have since heard of dental wipes but I haven’t tried them. We received some products to review and giveaway from Bickiepegs which are all designed for babies in relation to oral health and teething.

Bickiepegs have a  Finger Toothbrush and Gum Massager which is perfectly designed to clean a baby’s first teeth and massage their little gums. It is double-sided – with soft bristles on one side to ensure that any existing teeth are kept clean, and then a dimpled reverse-side which offers gums a soothing massage.  It is important to clean teeth from the moment they erupt so it is recommended for babies of 6-18 months. We found this very easy to use and Dáithí loves getting his teeth brushed with it. As a baby, he loved chomping down while it was on my finger as the bumps eased his gums.

The Doidy Cup, is another of Bickiepegs products. It has been designed with a unique slant that allows a young child to see the level of the liquid in the cup as they tilt it to drink.  The Doidy Cup helps teach an infant to drink from the rim of an open cup rather than from a sippy cup or bottle.

This is such a clever design and although the first time Dáithí saw it he flung it around spilling water everywhere, he did grow to understand it. I can see how much easier it is for him to grasp with it’s tiny handles and shape. It is suitable from 3 months but I wouldn’t imagine Dáithí could have managed it that early. He mastered it in no time and was able to bring it up and down to his mouth for sips. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to transition from bottle to cup.

And the final product we received were the Bickiepegs Natural Teething Biscuits! These little peg shaped biscuits are specially designed and shaped to help with the teething process.  The shape allows baby to bite at both the front and back of the mouth, whilst developing essential chewing skills. They are baked for hardness in order to provide a strong surface which allows new teeth to ‘cut’ through the gums. They are 100% NATURAL – all ingredients are all natural and contain NO artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings as well as NO added sugar or salt. They are suitable for teething children from around 6 months and are suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans and are GM and dairy-free. As you can see, they come with safety ribbon allowing you to attach the ‘Peg’ to clothing, etc.

These biscuits were a huge hit with the little guy and unlike other baby biscuits they don’t crumble or make a mess. They are designed to last and for the child to bite and chew not as a food (although eating them is perfectly fine – it just takes them a long time). For younger babies the ribbon is a piece of mind so you know it can’t be swallowed.

Bickiepegs products can be bought in lots of pharmacies and shops like Sainsburys, Asda, etc. as well as online at https://www.bickiepegs.com/shop/

Bickiepegs can also be found on Facebook and Instagram

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Good luck and happy brushing!


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